The Pursuit

Beyond writing stories, I also like to write to-do lists for myself.  I have them everywhere; they put in writing all of the loose ends floating about, and tie them into neat, manageable steps.  A yellow post-it with a list of tasks is my mantra, my inspirational poster, my new year’s declaration, my set of goals.  However, post-its are really really easy to loose.

So is momentum, and sometimes – so is motivation.

At the end of this past October I set aside a day to create this here writing blog with the intention of releasing my first post at the start of NaNoWriMo.  I almost did it.  I set it up; I picked a name that summed up my purpose for the blog, I found a look that I loved, and I had a clever idea for my very first post.  I was feeling good as I soared and ticked off all the blog making to-do boxes.  I was finally on my way to creating a space I craved, for a community I longed for.  A place for other writers who are also struggling to finish their writing, but who never give up in the pursuit of their story.

November First came and went.  I don’t remeber what I did that day, most likely I went to the dog park, or maybe for brunch, or maybe I just watched Netflix all afternoon. However, I most certainly did not write a blog post.  My long planned and self-anticipated call out to other writers on the wild wild web went unwritten, and therefore unheard.

Writing this now I realize I can no longer cleverly tie my blogging intentions to my inability to partake in National Novel Writing Month, but luckily my procrastination still allows for a personification of my objectives.  So here it goes.

I love to write.  I have been writing stories since I was in elementary school in notebooks with horses on their covers, I wrote stories in the margins of my notes all the way through college, and now I email myself stories that I write on the subway on the way to work.

Yet, I have never, and I mean never, finished a story – ever.

I took a few more English and writing classes in college than were required, but I never committed to studying writing in depth.  I swallow books whole by the dozen, but I lack the knowledge of the bones that make a good story.  Or maybe I straight up lack the talent or ability, and maybe my procrastination will keep me from reaching The End.

I want to understand what it takes to create magic.  How I can take the lives and adventures that are so vivid in my head, and pull them seamlessly onto the page.  Writing is a craft, and I want to master it.

To master any art, there are different paths for different people. Not all are conventional and not all are clear.  I have tried the writing straight though “just get it down on paper and worry about editing later” method.  I have tried, and failed, NaNoWriMo many times.  I’ve read books and other blogs absorbing any and all pieces of advice from much more talented and much more experienced writers.  I’ve attended writing classes and events around the city. I’ve looked at grad programs only to come to the conclusion my inability to finish anything would probably be a problem.  I’ve even thought about starting over and going back to school for a bachelors degree in English and creative writing (but I can’t justify adding onto my existing student loans).

However I have a hypothesis, and a hope.

My hypothesis is maybe what I lack is a like-minded community to learn from, share with and lean on. My hope is that by creating this space maybe I will find one.

This post may be three months late, but I do know that done late is better than done never.

With that, I will end that written slowly is better than written never. My path to writing a book maybe long, I may be twenty years into it with no end in sight, but that’s okay.

Today I just want to say hey, hello and welcome.  Let us chat about our mutual love of books and stories.  Let us learn together, and from each other.  Let us build a community of encouragement and support, and most of all – let’s write our stories.


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